The OBdAA is pleased to announce that Ontario will host the 2015 Blonde d’Aquitaine National Show. With dwindling membership in other regions, the regular rotation has been hard to achieve, with a heavey workload and the amount of volunteer dedication required. Upon the request of the CBdAA President Dave Kamelchuk for Ontario to consider hosting, and with a split vote at the Ontario AGM on this matter, the 2015 Board made the decision to go ahead and accept the offer.

Many factors were considered both for and against hosting the National by the Board, with all concerns being equally weighted and deliberated upon. In the end, general consensus was that we must do what is best for the membership we represent (that being Ontario), so hosting the National Show and Sale would allow our membership the best exposure and advertisement of their cattle. It should be noted that Ontario also accounts for over two-thirds of the entire Canadian membership, with a larger number of these members beginning to join the show circuit over the last few years. While many understand that there’s very little money in showing, it must not be forgotten that the National is the best of the best, and there still is a sense of achievement and pride associated with winning this event. Given the ever increasing costs across the board, holding the National event in Ontario allows the majority of our membership to attend, while keeping travel and other expenses down as l!
ow as possible. Hosting our annual Cream of the Crop in conjunction with the National show also allows us to bring as many purebred breeders together nationwide at one time, while hopefully attracting a number of commercial buyers interested in purchasing blonde genetics.

As of yet, no venue or date has been chosen for the National Show and Sale but various options are being considered. Be sure to check both the Ontario and Canadian website in the coming weeks for important updates as more information becomes available.