International Plowing Match 2016 Update – Submitted by: Clare Kuepfer

Monday: John Plas & Clare Kuepfer set up display and penned the cattle that John brought for the week. Two very quiet cattle, Plasbrae Chise and Dovecotes Chesley, Lot 4 and Lot 28 in the Cream of the Crop Sale. Tuesday: John & Clare along with Eric Doran manned the display. Wednesday: Cathy Kuepfer, Ilse & John Vink, John P, Clare, & Nicholas Boyd manned the display. Thursday: Eric, John P, & Clare manned the booth Friday: Rheo Machina, John P, & Clare were on duty. Saturday: Jeremy DeWeerd, Clare, & John P. took care of things which included taking down the display, loading up Jeremy’s car, and loading the cattle.

There were a good number of interested farmers inquiring about Blondes, as well as consumers interested in the lean meat aspect of our breed, and a good number of school children.

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