The Ottawa Valley Farm Show was held from March 10-12, 2015 and with the gracious efforts of the Ferguson family, the Ontario Blonde d’Aquitaine Association had a booth set up for all three days. Visitors to the pavilion had a wide selection of booths to see with Angus, Ayshire, Bison, Hereford, Holstein, Piedmontese, Rare Breeds, Shorthorn and Simmental all being represented. Missing from the Farm Show this year were the Charolais and Limousin. The Blonde and Piedmontese proved to be the most popular booths during the three day event.

A special event at the Farm Show this year featured a competition between each booth to display past and present 4H pictures. Phillip Ferguson took to the task and built a small, portable display unit fully equipped with wheels so it could turn for easy viewing. Sounds like Phillip is going to follow in his fathers footsteps. The OBdAA would like to thank Phillip for graciously undertaking this project of building and putting together our 4H stand. There should also be an big thank you extended to Eric Doran, Ashley McNevan, Paul Fee and Samantha Ferguson for providing recent 4H pictures, as well as Don Dunham and Nicholas Boyd for providing 4H pictures from the past to help create this amazing display. The judges were surprised and very impressed with how many kids were and are showing Blondes. For the combine efforts, our 4H display took 1st place in the competition and the Association was awarded a small monetary prize.

Paul, Mary-Ellen and Phillip were left with the undaunting task of attracting all the visitors towards the booth, as Samantha had work commitments and could not attend the show this year. It appeared as if this could be a big blow since we all know Samantha has no problem reeling them in with her charm and that…… smile! But alas, backup arrived as Dave Payne (Bar K Farms) and Bill Reid (Cedar Ridge Cattle) came to the rescue to help work the display booth. It goes without saying that there were many laughs and fun times shared amongst all the volunteers. With kids being in school this year during the Farm Show, crowds were not as big as in previous years. Many people stayed at their workplaces, when normally they would be off for March Break and able to attend the show. Even with the smaller numbers, people still lined up to buy Raffle Heifer Tickets, one person bought a hat and others signed up to be on our mailing list for the Blonde Connection.

On behalf of the OBdAA we would like to thank the Ferguson family, Paul, Mary-Ellen, Samantha and Phillip for their continued dedication and hard work to help promote the breed. We would also like to extend a big thanks to Dave Payne and Bill Reid who graciously volunteered their time to attend the event and represent our breed and Association.