There were 7 bulls that were registered on test.

Broekland Farms

1) Don Dunham- Donaleen Blondes- DCJ 10B R19177-(P)T 129N

2) Paul Ferguson- Crystal Farms- PFER 7B R19202-(P) 129N

– PFER 19B D15659-(P)

– PFER 26B D15666-(P)

Kenilworth #2

1) Bill Van Bakel- Van Bakel Blondes- VBB 2B R19118-

*Note bull transfered to John & Beth Ferrier. John did not pay 2015 membership so will not see

registery of bull on Bills.

2) Bill Van Bakel- Van Bakel Blondes- RHEO 46B R19230-

MBRHEO Cattle Bull Test #2

1) Matthew Unger- Heartwood Farms- MAU 1B R19349-(P)

Pay out $100 per animal = $700.00

Hilltop Orchards has no bulls registered.